Violette Précieuse by Caron {New Perfume}




The house of Caron has released a reformulation of its mythical Violette Précieuse (Precious Violet) exclusively for Sephora in France....




It is described as a delicious, charming, and delicate fragrance which points to it being lighter than the original. The jus is composed of notes of violet flowers and leaves, orris, orange blossom, jasmin, lily of the valley, musk, and sandalwood.

The 50 ml eau de parfum retails for 51,30 Euros. 

Source: Au Féminin

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  1. So it`s reformulated?

  2. Yes. I think it's not a bad thing if they did it well because although interesting the old version smells a bit "dated" and stifling to my nose.


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