La Môme by Balmain {New Perfume}



Balmain is going to launch a new perfume called La Môme (The Kid) in reference to popular, even legendary French singer Edith Piaf. The scent will be released in February around the same time that the new movie by Olivier Dahan which is a biopic about La Môme Piaf will debut on the 14th of February 2007....

After the movie Perfume accompanied by the Thierry Mugler coffret, we are offered yet another pairing of a creation of the 7th art with one of perfumery. We see this type pf association more commonly with kids movies and usually these perfume launches that accompany movies are not under the aegis of major perfume houses.

You can view a picture of the perfume bottle on Parfums-Echecs Chez Alice

Source: Parfums-Echecs Chez Alice

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