Theo Fennell & Silver Sleeve Parfum by Theo Fennell {New Perfume} {Luxury Perfume}



British Jeweller and designer Theo Fennell has issued an eponymous perfume for which Harrods currently has world-wide exclusivity. The scent was created by Christophe Laudamiel, the author of Youth Dew Amber Nude and the Mugler Coffret, amongst others. It comes in an edp version and a luxury version called Silver Sleeve Parfum.....

"Theo Fennell worked closely with expert perfumers to create this bold and sensual fragrance. Theo Fennell Scent is a well-structured classical Chypre-Oriental fragrance that combines primary powerful notes of Saffron, Lily, Rose and Orchid with the rich, spicy floral at the heart of the Scent that gives the fragrance its luxurious sensuality. The light top notes of Jasmine, Vanilla and Sandalwood provide instant impact and an exquisite sparkle. Theo Fennell Scent is a fragrance with potent femininity that is designed to become at one with a woman's skin."

It retails 68 Pounds for a flacon of 75 ml eau de parfum or 250 Pounds for a more luxurious 15 ml extrait de parfum called Silver Sleeve Parfum.

Source: Harrods 

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