Kouros Tattoo Collector, Opium pour homme Eau d'Orient, L'Homme Eau d'Eté by Yves Saint Laurent {New Perfumes}


Yves Saint Laurent is launching a series of summer versions of Kouros, Opium, and L'Homme. Kouros Tattoo Collector will have added citrus and aquatic notes and the motif on the bottle will also be available as a temporary tattoo. Opium pour homme Eau d'Orient will be refreshed with notes of star anise, amber from Morocco, and Florida grapefruit. The flacon will be decorated with a "tree of pagodas" motif. L'Homme Eau d'Eté will be available for the first time as a summer cologne with added vivacious and ozonic notes. The bottle will have a frosted look.

Source: Osmoz 

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