The Death Of Perfumery As We Know It? {Fragrant Reading}

Check out Tony Burfield's very interesting column about the state of today's perfumery.

"In fact, the art of perfumery could now be declared dead at this point, to be replaced by an expensive piece of computer software."

Perfumers and the 40th IFRA Amendment on Basenotes.

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  1. Dear Marie- Helene,
    This article presents a sobering reality alas for we that love perfume.
    Not only are precious essences deemed illegal but there seems to be even a scent-free mentality in some places such as in Halifax Nova Scotia.
    Quel Horreur !
    I am personally deeply distubed by this.
    Let's hope that there can be a mutual acceptance of both sides.
    I attended a lecture recently by Jean-Pierre Subrenat,
    President _World perfume Congress.
    He painted a bleak picture of the future of fragrance in terns of a subset of the population with "allergies" working to outlaw fragrance usage in public places.
    i am sick just thinking about it.
    Hopefully that day will never come .

    Madelyn E
  2. I find this article deeply disturbing. How horrifying is it that our right of choice is being taken away without our consent, without consideration or arguement. I signed that petition and 700 signatures is not enough. We have been rendered neutered without our express permission.

    Christina H.
  3. Dear Madelyn,

    This problem is all tied into the issue of the rise of people with allergy problems. One of the reasons that was offered to explain the phenomenon is that standards of hygiene have increased so much that it breeds sub-sets of people who have become particularly vulnerable to their natural environment.

    It would be interesting to see a historical study of this movement because it seems that one never heard of these things in the past.

    As the article points out, the pressure is onto fragrances but not flavorants, which is odd. They should also perhaps ban eating processed food and drinks in public spaces in Halifax Nova Scotia.

    I am wondering how much of it is cultural and political.

  4. Dear Christina,

    It is clearly disturbing. I haven't followed the whole story so I would need to catch up.


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