Ether De Lilas Blanc Sur Feuillage Tendre, Bois Blond, & L'Ombre Fauve by Parfumerie Générale {New Perfumes}

Parfumerie Générale is proposing three new limited edition perfumes called Ether de Lilas Blanc Sur Feuillage Tendre (PG_logo.gifQuintessence of White Lilac on Tender Leaves), Bois Blond (Blonde Wood), and L'Ombre Fauve (Tawny Shadow).

The perfumes are blended upon request and if your heart so desires the bottles can be personalized with your name on them as well as can be autographed.....

Ether de Lilas Blanc sur Feuillage Tendre is described as "the flight of poetry of a floral infusion...its melancholic nature is revealed half-way between freshness and fragility. Infusion of passion-flower and orange blossom, bark, madarine, lilac, leaves, iris, musky."

It retails 78 Euros for 100 ml and 58 Euros for 50 ml. 

Bois Blond evokes "an evening in August, the time of the harvest. Nature releases its aromas of cereals and grass at dusk in the summer. A perfume of memory, a vegetal poem, solar and woody." Notes include galbanum, cut grass, cedar, hay, blonde tobacco, amber, and musk.

L'Ombre Fauve is "an elusive is the roaring russet amber and the purring musk. It is the darkness of a wood. An animalic olfaction. A beastly refinement."

The two latter ones retail 75 Euros for 50 ml and 120 Euros for 100 ml.

Source: Parfumerie Générale 

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  1. The need for me to try these, especially Bois Blond (though L'Ombre Fauve is a wonderful name), is becoming increasingly acute.

  2. Hello Marie Hélène,
    Could you tell us more about Parfumerie Générale and his owner Pierre Guillaume. I asked Robin 3 days ago but it doesn't seem clear (I read the itw on aromascope though!). Everybody seems to appreciate Parfumerie Générale but I must admit I really don't know who is PG. He's French, but it seems there is no place (in France) where the fragrances are sold. It seems it's only sold on his web site (and for US), which means everybody buys without smelling, or at least buy his samples first. What's more, P.G. seems to cultivate a little mystery, being in Clermont Ferrand (rather far from Paris) and ignoring the journalists. Can you tell us more?
    As a fragrance lover but also a professionnal, I'm just a bit afraid this love story looks like the 'J T Leroy' story...
    Thank you

  3. Just whip me up a jeroboam or two of the Ether de Lilas and I will be happy....sigh.

  4. Just whip me up a jeroboam or two of the Ether de Lilas and I will be happy....sigh.

  5. Leopoldo,

    I hope this fragrance brings you more pleasure than pain in the end:)

  6. Ambroxan,

    Personally, it does not bother me not to have more biographical information about PG. I suppose that the best thing would be to interview him directly more at length:)

    Isn't it refreshing though to see a relatively public figure like him not being a pathological narcissist? I say yes.

  7. Flora,

    The Ether does sound lovely. If it is as refreshing as it sounds, indeed a jeroboam or two could easily be emptied:)


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