Fahrenheit 32 by Dior {New Perfume}



Dior has launched a new masculine fragrance, which is presented as a novel take on the classic men's fragrance Fahrenheit by Dior (1988). It is called Fahrenheit 32 and was designed by Dior Homme artistic director Hedi Slimane based on an idea by François Demachy, perfumer and director of olfactory development of LVMH together with Louise Turner of Quest. On a separate note, it was announced today by Women's Wear Daily and Vogue UK that Hedi Slimane is not working for Dior anymore.....

Fahrenheit 32 is based on an oriental orange blossom accord, being comparable in this sense to the new Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur du Mâle, but which in this case is described as being crystalline, piquant, and woody. Three main notes come to the fore: a soft and spicy orange blossom, a suave and round vanilla, and a woody without being earthy vetiver. The fragrance is rather fresh, thanks to the aldehydes and solar salicylates.

Head notes are fresh ones. Heart notes are orange blossom and vetiver. Base notes are vanilla, solar note.

The EdT is priced at €48.49 for 50ml to €68.65 for 100ml. The new Fahrenheit 32 will debut in the international markets in April of 2007.

Sources: Osmoz.fr, Cosmetic News

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  1. I used to wear the original Fahrenheit back in high school, but it's lost its gasoline appeal on me since. This 32 flanker though (the bottle looks great) sounds like something I'd love, especially since I've been on a vetiver kick lately *and* I adore orange blossom! Can't wait for it to hit the stores.
    Hedi Slimane seems to be the next Tom Ford...

  2. Hello,
    Very strange masculine fragrance.
    Rather feminine, I'd say. It seeems like a mix between Kenzo Amour and Kenzo pour Homme.
    Salycates ? You mean salicylate.

  3. Would be interested to compare it with the orange blossom rendition of FdM.

    Dior was going to be his backer to help him establish his own brand but now it will have to be someone else.

  4. Thanks Ambroxan. I am curious to learn more about how the "solar" impression is obtained. I felt that with Carnal Flower without knowing that salicylates had that effect.

    "Very strange" sounds appealing!

  5. I have smelt the fahrenheit 32. Really fresh and oriental fragrance which I love much more than the original one and would definitely offer to my man.

  6. my wife bought this fragrance for me. do i like it? i really don't know.
    Fahrenheit 32 leaves mixed feelings: think of JP Gaultier's Le Male, Hugo Boss' Soul and some remote notes of the original Fahrenheit..
    Suitable for soft, kind and quietly confident men.
    my $0.02

  7. could a woman use it? it is wonderfull

  8. Laura,

    Absolutely, don't be shy. The most important thing in a fragrance is that it agrees with you, the rest is accessory. I think by the way that it is on the "feminine" side.

  9. Was never a big fan of Fahrenheit but I LOVE Fahrenheit Summer which seems to be discontinued. I still have a bottle which I use sparingly...Does anyone know if its available anywhere?

  10. I too found this cologne very feminine. Having worn Fahrenheit original since its introduction, I tried a sampler of this Fahrenheit 32 and ended up having to shower afterwards to wash the smell away. Very strong vanilla scent. I'll stay with Fahrenheit original.

    Luc Bishop

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