Flacon of YSL Paris Jardins Romantiques by Yves Saint Laurent {Scented Image} {New Perfume}


We already announced the upcoming limited edition of YSL's spring and summer version of Paris this year which is called Jardins Romantiques (Romantic Gardens). We simply had to post this picture of the adorable flacon which is decorated with views of Paris, the Eiffel Tower being in pink and the Arc de Triomphe in green. The jus promises to be colored with the same rosy and fresh green hues as it has notes of rose, lilac, lily of the valley, and cut grass.

This would make a lovely gift and souvenir from Paris 2007 with its shabby chic (more chic than shabby though) and Paris appartment charm.

It will retail for 54 Euros for a 125 ml bottle from April 2007. 

It's is now available here.

Source: Le Journal des Femmes 

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  1. Dear Marie- Helene,
    Can hardly waot for this delight. I was a Paris girl in the 8o's.. I love its rich violet, rosey notes. Would be interested to sniff this version au Printemps !
    I am not , usually, a fan of modified or seasonal versions of a particular fragrance. I am more or less a purist.
    Even though, for example, Chanel N0. 5 sensual Elixir is a more seemingly concentrated version than the classic No. 5 (even in the parfum). I still feel it adulterates , the integrity of the original .
    On verra.
    The photo is very alluring !

    Madelyn E
  2. I am partial to green grass notes and the bottle is so cute that I must say I am feeling drawn to the perfume. Love YSL Paris too, one of the few rose fragrances I click with.


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