Iris Ganache by Guerlain {New Perfume}



Guerlain is being wonderfully prolific this year and is launching a series of perfumes that appear full of promise. At the very least, they can certainly take credit for giving distinctive names to their fragrances, evocative ones even, like Iris Ganache. They help us remember we are to expect something new and exciting. So many fragrances nowadays are just flankers or brand extension vehicles bearing confusingly similar names! Having said that, flankers with repetitious names are also to be found at the Guerlain House.....

Iris Ganache was created by perfumer Thierry Wasser in collaboration with artistic director Sylvaine Delacourte. It will be the 5th perfume to enter the more exclusive collection "L'Art & La Matière". It is described as a fragrance that "...envelops like a pashmina shawl and leaves a powdery sillage of supreme elegance."

The fragrance is based on an iris butter that has been worked like a ganache pastry mixture. The sillage offers gourmet accents like a "white chocolate made fragrant with flowers." It also contains cinnamon, bergamot, patchouli, white musks, cedar, and a vanilla note that is lightly amberey.

Iris Ganache will be available from June 2007 at the Guerlain flagship store in Paris.

Source: Osmoz 

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  1. I'm not extremely bowled over by L'Art et la Matière: though I find Angélique Noire and Bois d'Arménie extremely pleasant, their lasting power is so fleeting that I haven't been moved to buy either... However, Iris Ganache sounds quite mouthwateringly delicious to this white chocolate addict -- kind of like Jean-Paul Hévin's strange, lavender or basil ganache chocolates. Pourquoi pas?

  2. Carmen,

    Oui, pourquoi pas, si c'est bien fait?

    I want to do a review of Bois d'Arménie because I realized upon testing it more seriously that it is very evocative of South East Asia. Never smelled a perfume that conjured up so well Myanmar and Thailand.


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