Le Temps D'une Fête by Parfums de Nicolaï {New Perfume}



Perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï has composed a new fragrance for spring called Le Temps D'Une Fête (The Time of a Celebration) by Parfums de Nicolaï. It pays homage to the awakening of nature upon the arrival of springtime with notes of spring flowers, green sap, and underbrush......

It is described a s a green fragrance combining galbanum, lentisc (mastic), and oakmoss. The floral heart showcases the opulence of the narcissus flower. The base is warm and slightly animalic.

Top notes open on galbanum, lentisc, opoponax, oakmoss. The heart flourishes with narcissus, hyacinth, daffodil, and styrax. Base notes warm up with oakmoss, sandalwood, and animalic notes.

It sounds irresistible! 

Source: osmoz.fr

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  1. This does sound irresistible, doesn't it? And I'm precisely planning to go today to the boutique... Serendipity! Shall report.

  2. Denyse,

    Please do tell us, but don't break our hearts:) Well, OK, the truth and nothing but the truth...

  3. I like this one - I got a sample when I was in Paris in March. It's not the sort of thing I usually like, the hyacinth would usually be a killer for me, but it's cheerful, and I like the lentisc (which de Nicolai seems to use a lot...)

  4. Tigs,

    Sounds good to me:) A cheerful scent is always a good resource to know about!

  5. I am really confused....I bought this scent years ago [10+] in Paris...and I loved it....just today I went to the internet in serch of more and saw your article abut a "new" launch?
    is this the same scent, a new mix or what? Do you know?

  6. Hi Donna,

    The one I am referring to in this annoucement and in my review of it is a new perfume formulation using the same name as the old version for reasons of legal convenience. I think I spied an older-looking bottle at Beauty Habit. The notes would be different.

    You can check my review for further information about the brand new formulation:


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