Boudoir Sin Garden by Vivienne Westwood {New Perfume}



Vivienne Westwood is releasing a new perfume called Boudoir Sin Garden (Jardin du Péché). The perfume was composed by nose Marie Salamagne in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood.....

It has notes of freesia, pink pepper, aldehydes ("for an aristocratic retro-touch"), violet, heliotrope, Florence iris, amber, sandalwood, oalmoss, and musk.

Sin Garden will retail 69 Euros for a 50 ml flacon and 49 Euros for a 30 ml one. 

Sources:, parfums-echecs chez Alice


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  1. Hello again,
    I used to werar boudoir and Liberty. I like them both - One was sexy, the other was a playful verdabt chypre.
    A favorite pr Russian bvallerina Irina Dyminiskov( I screwed up the name - sorry )!
    M-H - don't you love the name Sin Garden ? Conmjures up all kinds of naughty coquettish images ..

    Madelyn E

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