Where To Buy Réminiscence Perfumes In The US {Shopping Tip} {Perfume Shopping Directory}

You can buy Réminiscence perfumes in the US at Yos Miami. They carry the largest selection and amongst others, you will be able to find the following: Patchouli, Musc, Ambre retail $75 for 100 ml; Patchouli for Men and Reminiscence for Men are available for $72 for 100 ml. These are purchasable online.....

If you live in New York City, Boutique Mirabelle carries the Réminiscence fragrances as well, but at a higher price point although they told me they are working on revising their prices. A 100 ml bottle of Patchouli and Ambre currently retails for $97. Patchouli is also available in 200 ml bottles for $129. (Their email does not work by the way).

If you live in Dallas, there is a boutique called Nuage that carries Patchouli and just Patchouli, $75 for 100 ml and $100 for 200 ml.

(214) 373-1085.



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  1. I bought a bottle of Rem. Patchouli (200 ml) at an estate sale, about 10 yrs. ago. I'm hooked, but sniffing the bottle, now. Thanx for the info. about Nuage. If they still exist, I'll find them, if not, Amazon--here I come!


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