Un Peu, Beaucoup, A La Folie by Marina Marinof {Perfume Shopping Tip}



Looking for something a little different? Perfume designer Marina Marinof was inspired by her Russian grand-mother to live life to the fullest and see causes for happiness in the littlest and simplest things of life. Inspired by her, she designed a line of Epicurean optimistic fragrances that comes packaged in some of the most adorable wooden Russian dolls you ever saw. It's all about context. Put a fragrance in a re-decorated matrioshka and a commonplace souvenir becomes something a little more unexpected. Her grand-mother's motto is inscribed on the doll: C'est rien que du bonheur! (Happiness is to be found in everything!)

Un Peu, Beaucoup, A La Folie (A Little, A Lot, Madly [In Love]) has notes of lychees, bergamot, blackcurrant, roses, peonies, freesia, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk. 

A 50 ml flacon retails for $54 + $16 shipping from France. A 15 ml retails for $32.50 + $10 shipping, but does not include the unconventional packaging. It is conveniently available at the Club des Créateurs de Beauté boutique on eBay, Digitals 2002. The line also includes C'est Rien Que du Bonheur, Un Matin d'Eté, and Rêve Bohême (the latest one).

Source: Digitals 2002 

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  1. Bonjour Chere Marie-Helene,
    I love the concept of this .
    It is just charming - irrestible , in fact.
    Regardless of the juice, the thoughtfulness of the "happiness" concept is genius.
    Je pense que je suis un peu a la folie amoureuse avec cet parfum !

    Madelyn E
  2. Bonjour Madelyn,

    Oui, je trouve le concept du parfum très réussi aussi. Qui peut résister au bonheur ou en tout cas à la promesse du bonheur?

  3. dear...
    hello ,if it is available ,i want a free sample ..best regards

    zuleyha kapucu
  4. Hello Zuleyha,

    No, I don't have samples for this perfume, at all.

    If there is no drawing organized then, I don't have samples to offer.

  5. Where, oh where, oh where can I purchase Marina Marinof perfumes. I am desperate for Un Matin d'Ete. How is this scent not heralded worldwide as the greatest revelation the meer mortal nose can encounter. It is a cloud of pure ecstacy in an atmosphere of sickening fumes. Were anyone to offer information (even fellow appreciation and wretched commiseration would be eagerly received) I would be eternally grateful.

    • Here's hoping that someone can help you out with finding the scent.


      Chant Wagner

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