A New Generation of Perfumey Roses {The 5th Sense in the News}


A horticulturist from Geneva, Charles Millo, is developing several new species of extra perfumey roses that would be sold solely for their aromas. The idea is to sell a rose as you would a bottle of wine. Just one of these roses tucked in a bouquet would be enough to scent the bouquet itself and the room in which the bouquet is to be found.......

A perfumer from Geneva has already made a visit to the greenhouses, the Serres Millo de Satigny, as he is interested in using the scent of one of these roses in a high-end perfume creation. The Swiss horticulturist says that, however, he feels that he is mostly perceived as a precursor at this point and that it has proven difficult to convince florists to distribute his roses.

Source: La Tribune de Genève, 30 mars 2007.

Photo is of La Rose by Stromberg at allposters.com

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  1. Helene, I can see such a future for this in the perfume industry, IFRA/methyleugenol restrictions aside. If you find any more out, especially if it will be available as bushes for the public to grow, please let us know.

  2. Anya,

    The best thing would be to contact Charles Millo directly and put that question to him because the article (for which I cannot find a link, but which I accessed through a database) does not contain that information.

    I will keep my eyes peeled.

  3. Sign me up, I want some of those now!

    Years ago there was an article in LIFE magazine about one of the most fragrant roses ever created - it was supposedly tied in somehow with the YSL Paris fragrance. I kept an eye out for years waiting for it to be introduced in the USA but I never saw it, or else they changed the name, as rose breeders tend to do. (They can be sold under multiple names depending on which country they are in, so it gets confusing.) I just hope that if these Swiss roses make it over here, I will know what they are!

  4. I have never experienced an extraordinarily fragrant rose, but I can imagine what it would be. My one olfactory memory of such an experience is with an apple I had picked from a tree in Tabriz in northern Iran. I suddenly understood literally what the expression "fragrant apple" meant. That apple was uncommonly fragrant, perfuming my whole mouth as if it were a perfume. It was mesmerizing.

  5. Chere Marie-Helene,
    Hello ! As a former curator of a jardin des roses - I can attest to the range and variety of rose scents . Au natural ! I have often wished that a parfumeur could capture the true essence of the spicy orange Tropicana rose- o the sweetness of the pink-yellow hued Chicago Peace .
    Indeed there are as many variations as rose scents as there are roses !

    Madelyn E

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