Olivier Durbano Rock Crystal & Amethyst, Modern Alchemy Candles, Calypso St Barth Jala & Lily, Andy Tauer Rêverie Au Jardin & More Now at Luckyscent {Shopping Tips}



Luckyscent has been busy receiving an array of new fragrances and candles lately. For more background on Olivier Durbano's newly arrived fragrances Rock Crystal and Amethyst read the interview we did with him last year. Modern Alchemy candles are now wafting their scents at the LA boutique -- We, of course, need to try Boston Tea Party. More scents from the superlative Profumum line of fragrances from Italy have arrived: Ambra Aurea, Tuberosa, and Victrix. Satellite has come up with four new compositions: 40 degrés à l'Ombre, A La Figue! Corrida and Ipanema (the scents look very colorful but they don't stain). Hello Kitty's new signature scent is Momoberry. Andy Tauer is about to release his Rêverie Au Jardin. He will be visiting the Scent Bar managed by Luckyscent on April 26th and 27th. If you wish to attend, please RSVP here.

Source: Luckyscent 

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