Poétique, Insoumise, Tentatrice, Capricieuse, Mystérieuse, Insouciante, and Envoûtante by Sephora {New Perfumes}


This spring, Sephora is launching a line of seven fragrances representing seven different states of mind for each day of the week if needed, all based on a variation of a vanilla accord. Feel Poétique (Poetical) with vanilla and orange blossom, Insoumise (Rebellious) with vanilla and caramel, Tentatrice (Temptress) with vanilla and Monoï, Capricieuse (Whimsical) with vanilla and chocolate, Mysterieuse (Mysterious) with vanilla and patchouli, Insouciante (Devil-may-care) with vanilla and mango, and Envoûtante (Sorceress) with a double dose of vanilla.....

The playful concept is to propose a closer-even-match-than-usual between you and a fragrance: "To each temperament, its own olfactory score."

The eaux de toilettes are priced at 20 Euros for a 100 ml. Lavanila Laboratories are also proposing a new line of vanilla fragrances this spring with a health-conscious dimension to them.

Although the "moody" marketing concept is different in this case (but not new, see L'Artisan Parfumeur for instance), the new Sephora scents seem to align themselves on a brand like Laurence Dumont which also offers variations on vanilla (the packaging also looks similar), as well as other drugstore labels found in France and aimed in principle at the younger crowd.

Source: Osmoz 

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