The Carousel by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: A Collection of 7 Fragrances Inspired by Neil Gaiman {New Perfumes}



Perfumer Beth Schiffrin of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has created a series of 7 fragrances called The Carousel to pay homage to author Neil Gaiman. They were inspired by some of the most beloved characters of the novelist found in two of his most popular novels, The Anansi Boys and American Gods......

"All proceeds from the sale of the Carousel collection will benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, an organization dedicated to preserving and defending first amendment rights in the comics community. Gaiman is on the board of directors of this organization. To date, BPAL has raised nearly $8,000 for the fund through sales of the Carousel series.

This inspired collaboration does not stop there, as BPAL is currently working on a series of scents inspired by the characters of "Good Omens," co-authored by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Details of the release dates will be available soon on BPAL's website."

Source: ENP Newswire 

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  1. CBDF? Oh yes, I so want kids to have access to yaoi, yuri, and chanslash...just like I want them to have access to Hustler and Juggs and worse.

    Ummmmm...will take a pass on that until the CB industry figures a way to self censor.

    Fragrant Funster
  2. Fragrant Funster- You may want to remember that not all comic books and graphic novels are intended for children, much like most books are. And more to the point, most of them are not even remotely pornographic. If you feel like those books should be off the shelves, so should half the literature section, almost all of the romance novels, and half the magazine rack. And let's not even start with the violence issue.

    The problem is not with the comics themselves, but how people regard them. Shockingly enough, there are many comic books that are only aimed at adults. The CBLDF is an excellent cause and dismissing it like this is both ignorant and a disservice to the hard work of the artists and writers in the industry.

    And to go back on topic, I fully intend to try one of the Good Omens scents when they come out.

  3. How cool to put out a scent inspired by Neil Gaiman's esthetics! Incidentally, how do you feel about one of his inspirations/muses, Tori Amos, who is my all-time favorite music artist?

  4. Dusan,

    I remember liking her but I couldn't say that she has made an impact on me as she seems to have made one on you.


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