Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia by Estée Lauder {New Perfume}



Aerin Lauder, the grand-daughter of Estée Lauder wants to revive the sense of exclusivity that accompanied the creation of the original Private Collection in the 1970s. It was a scent created for and worn by Estée Lauder and which she at first shared with only a few friends. In keeping with this tradition, the company is going to launch Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia in August of 2007. The jus is based on Estée Lauder's two favorite flowers. The line will be more expensive than usual as the Lauder perfumes are known for their image of affordable luxury. The parfum concentration in the bejeweled flacon will retail for $300.....

The scent was composed "in partnership with Firmenich. Its top notes are of neroli, lilac and rosewood; the heart is of tuberose, gardenia, orange flower, jasmine and white lily, and the drydown is of carnation and vanilla bourbon." The formula is based on an initial draft by Aerin Lauder who herself enjoys composing fragrances.

"The glass bottle has a gem-encrusted gold cap inspired by a Josef Hoffmann brooch. "We're using aventurine, yellow and green jade, citrine and lemon stones," said Lauder, "and every cap is different, because every stone is different."

Two sizes of eaux de parfum will be sold; a 1-oz. bottle for $65 and a 2.5-oz. bottle for $120, both with hammered gold caps inspired by Lauder's favorite David Webb jewelry, a bequest from her grandmother. A solid perfume compact, studded with semiprecious stones, will retail for $175, and a body cream will retail for $75 for 6.7 oz. Brush-On Powder Compact, a lightweight pressed powder in a gem-encrusted compact, will retail for $125 (a refill is $25) and a gem-studded mirror compact, $75, will round out the collection."

Source: Women's Wear Daily 

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  1. I used private coection back the eighties when living in england . I for one will be more than happy to see this beautiful fragrance make a comeback for years i have tried to track this down as it is an all time fav of mine. I can hardly wait to see the revamped fragrance again. this has made my day

  2. I also love Private Collection. Such a beautiful enticing fragrance!

    Very much looking forward to it too as I am a big fan of the Estée Lauder fragrances in general.

    I think that the Private Collection concept has been used to convey an idea of exclusivity. I am not sure to what extent it will try to capture the aura of the original Private Collection. At any rate, they are going to add several newcomers to the line for the few coming years, each time centering on a different dominant accord. This time it's a flora, next time it might be a spicy fragrance.

  3. More exciting news! That's wonderful, I adore Private Collection. I have to admit to being disappointed with Lauder's recent offerings, (anything from pleasures and beyond..) but I adore every single one of the oldies, yes, even Spellbound :)

  4. This has actually raised my interest... It could be a lethal concoction with all those white flowers, but somehow it really sounds good. Any idea when it's coming out?

  5. Divina,

    The more recent ones you point to are from a different generation of fragrances from the Lauder brand and they do offer a different feel, as you pointed out. I managed to fall for a summer edition of Pleasures a couple of years ago. Beyond I've tried but not worn for long enough or focused enough on to form a firm opinion about. It smells a lot like something else I know so I would need to understand its nuances better.

  6. Carmen,

    It could be lethal in a good sense:) It's coming out in August of 2007. I will add this crucial info. above.

  7. Oh, this looks promising! More so than most recent Lauder offerings, to be sure. I like everything in it that's listed, so I am looking forward to trying it.

  8. Flora,

    Yes, it does. I am very much looking forward to it as they often know very well how to translate a luxurious feminine feel in fragrances.

  9. I was told that Private Collection (the original) was discontinued. Is this true? It is my mother's iconic scent from my childhood...

  10. It is still on sale on the Estee Lauder website.

  11. if possible could you bring ALLIAGE back to Britain (NEWCASTLE ) to be more precise .Thanks

    Debi .T.

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