The Artifact Exhibition at the Ontario Science Center - A Tiny Piece of Perfume & Titanic History {Scented Image} {Scented Paths & fragrant Addresses}



This is a picture of a perfume vial salvaged from the Titanic. It will be exhibited at the Ontario Science Center for the exhibition called The Artifact Exhibition. It is described as "a perfume vial from Adolphe Saalfeld, a perfume maker from Manchester who was heading to New York [in 1912]to take advantage of the booming perfume market,"........


"John Zaller, Creative Director for TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition, coming to the Ontario Science Centre in June 2007, examines a perfume vial recovered in the year 2000 after lying on the bottom of the ocean for decades. Amazingly, the fragrance and its citrus scent remain powerful through the scientific process of conservation.

And the Toronto Star further explains "The vial belonged to first-class passenger Adolphe Saalfeld, a perfume-maker from Manchester, England. It was contained in a leather satchel, along with other sample scents he hoped to sell in New York, where the perfume market was booming. The samples lay on the ocean floor for 88 years, before 62 of 65 vials were recovered in a salvage expedition. Saalfeld survived the sinking of the liner, but he never made any more perfume."

You can read more about the exhibit here and here.

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