6 New Gap Body Eaux de Toilette {New Perfumes}



This August, Gap will introduce six new scents in the Gap Body line of eaux de toilette. The older perfumes will not be replaced. The six newcomers are called Coconut Tuberose, Lavender Tea, White Amber, Mandarin Jasmine, Velvet Bloom, and Washed Cotton......

Why a collection of 6 scents all at once, one might ask? "We wanted it to be a whole environment, and that's hard to do with one scent," said Laird. "These scents are light, so you can easily layer several of the products and not be over the top."

"The Gap Body eaux de toilette include Coconut Tuberose, a mix of the two scents that comprise its name; Lavender Tea, a concoction of lavender, vanilla and green tea; White Amber, a cocktail of bergamot, warm ambers and woods; Mandarin Jasmine, an intense floral blend; Velvet Bloom, which includes muguet, osmanthus and musk notes, and Washed Cotton, a scent of fresh linen, cotton flower and cedarwood notes."

They will be priced at $28 for a 3.4 oz spray.

A new Bath and Skin collection with different scents is also now available on the Gap website

Source: Women's Wear Daily 

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