Advertisement for L by Lolita Lempicka {Scented Image}

Ooooh, love this poster. I thought I would share with you this dazzling advert for the salty-sweet L by Lolita Lempicka. How about a little series on salty fragrances? They are great to wear in the heat of the summer and the upcoming Coney Island by Bond no9 and Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris, especially the latter, are reawakening interest in them. 
Photo is from Beauté-Addict 

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  1. Ah, M-H,
    I do, too.
    And I love the parfum- I find it changeable and haunting.
    Warm and cool, salty, and embracing.
    Cuddly is not a term I often like to use...
    but, yes.

  2. Do you mean to say that the parfum extrait is significantly better than the edp?

  3. Yes, I do.
    I think it's a bit dirtier !
    More moody.

  4. Thank you for your recommendation Chaya.


  5. I havent tried this Lolita fragrance, but some interesting salty fragrances which I have tried are:

    Creed Royal Ceylan (limited edition)
    Creed Erolfa
    Creative Universe Mare
    Hermes Eau Des Merveilles (sp?)

    Is Coney Island really salty ?

    What others will be covered ?

  6. zztop,

    Thanks for your suggestions. Coney Island is a little bit salt, in a realistic manner, in the beginning, yes (the margharita recipe) and later on, more as a flavor-enhancing touch like when you put a pinch of salt in a sweet cake to make it taste better.

    I don't like doing long drawn out series, on the blog at least, so I was thinking Fleurs de Sel, L, Carolina Herrera, maybe Sel de Vetiver. The latest Dior Fahrenheit 32 smells salty to my nose too.


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