Josh Holloway Is The New Face For Cool Water by Davidoff {Scented Image}

Actor Josh Holloway of the TV show "Lost" is the new face for Davidoff Cool Water, except in North America where the male icon of choice for the fragrance is surfer Laird Hamilton. So here's a chance for US and Canada-based readers to take a peak at the new advert.The actor said "It's something I can believe in," [...] "It's simple, it's masculine and is associated with water and the vitality of life.

"The water in Hawaii is phenomenal; on a daily basis, it can bring tears to your eyes with its clarity and color," he added, noting he takes advantage of being seaside by fishing. "I have huge respect for the ocean."

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  1. Will Davidoff ever stop promoting this fragrance and concentrate on releasing a half decent fragrance (and they are long overdue for that) ?

  2. God, that ad is ugly. If I haven't seen Josh in Lost nor smelling Cool Water, I would never want to try Cool Water.

  3. he's so hot....

  4. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diane Mercuri
  5. I love josh Holloway,i could die 4 him.

  6. josh hollway is so hot i could eat him all up!

    dana garland

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