L'Instant Magique by Guerlain {New Fragrance}



Four years after the launch of L'Instant, Guerlain will issue a new fragrance in September of 2007 called L'Instant Magique (The Magical Moment). The new scent was blended by perfumer Randa Hamami of Symrise.....

It contains notes of bergamot, rose, freesia, and white musk. "The line comprises EdPs in 30ml (€49.50), 50ml (€72) and 80ml (€87) formats and a 7.5ml extract (€92), a body lotion (200ml, €46.50) and a shower gel (200ml, €34). The bottle is a more elongated version of that of the original L’Instant."

For more information on upcoming Guerlain releases this year, please check our New Perfume section (I am currently working on indexing this section as it will make it easier to navigate.) 

Source: Cosmetic News 

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  1. only guerlain fragrance i've ever tried, being new to fragrance and all, is insolence, but that is a nice scent for a woman! but it definitely let me know to be aware of guerlain! do they make men's fragrances? i know that sounds like a rookie question but i've never heard of a male fragrance from them.

  2. Yes, absolutely. They have masculine fragrances like Coriolan (discontinued), Héritage, Habit Rouge, Eau du Coq, L'Instant Pour Homme, Mouchoir de Monsieur, Vétiver (an extreme version was released recently - I prefer the original)...others are more unisex, like Jicky or L'Eau de Cologne Impériale but are also well-liked by men. The reverse is true too: Habit Rouge and Vétiver are well-appreciated by women.


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