Saks Fifth Avenue For Her & Saks Fifth Avenue For Him by Bond No9 {New perfumes}



Bond No9 has partnered up with specialty-store Saks to create an exclusive duo of fragrances called Saks Fifth Avenue For Her and Saks Fifth Avenue For Him to debut on September 1 2007. They will be packaged in the now classic anthropomorphic flacons that people have come to associate with the New York fragrance house.....

"Saks Fifth Avenue for Her signals the return of the classic gardenia eau de parfum, given a chic contemporary twist with the addition of sparkling jasmine and vetiver, along with smooth vanilla. Saks Fifth Avenue for Him is an elegant aqua scent, containing an initial dash of Sicilian bergamot for coolness, followed by cardamom, amber, and cedarwood for warmth. Together, they are intended to capture the fashion-forward essence of 21st-century Saks, while at the same time expressing the eclectic downtown spirit of NoHo-based Bond No. 9.

The two scents will hit Saks counters on September 1, with 1.7 ounces retailing for $125 and 3.4 ounces retailing for $185."

Sources: Fashion Week Daily, via Makeup Alley and Bella Sugar 

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  1. What exquisite bottles !
    I wish I were a fan, alas.

    Let me know what you think!

    Have a good w/e, my lamb.

  2. I most certainly will, if I have the opportunity.

    Have a good weekend yourself!


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