Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford {Shopping Tip} + Exclusive Vogue Video Interview of Tom Ford {Scented Images}


Believe it or not, at least one of the magnificent 12 Private Blends has already hit a perfume discounter:  Tobacco Vanille. And only a few days ago at Harvey Nichols they were selling like hot cakes while Tom Ford himself was signing the bottles away, explaining that Tobacco Vanille is one of his favorites. The latter statement has more the ring of sincerity to it than one might assume normally had it just been an isolated remark proferred on a signature-event day since he already explained in Women's Wear Daily a while ago that it is one of his three favorites from the line......

Tobacco Vanille is available for $79.99 instead of $135 at 

I purchased once from them in the past and there were no problems either with the juice itself or the service. 

You can also watch an exclusive interview of Tom Ford on Vogue TV and listen to him, coincidentally, rhapsodize about Tobacco Vanille.


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  1. OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!11!!!

    Is this the olfactory equivalent of "direct to video" movies or what? Something is tanking if they've loosened the supply chain netting so some falls through to the discounters so incredibly soon.

    Fragrant Funster
  2. I was surprised as well.

  3. I'm sleeping on the job again! Congratulations to everyone who managed to snag a bottle...they're all gone. I'll stab myself in the jugular if I miss Noir de Noir or Moss Breches on the discounters.

  4. Oh my! And meanwhile, they had also raised their price to $99!


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