Vivara by Pucci {New Perfume}


Italian fashion brand Pucci is bringing back the name and some of the ideas of the old Vivara perfume to the market by preparing to launch a new Vivara perfume in September of 2007. The perfume is a chypre and shares a common note of galbanum with the older concoction which was introduced in 1966. Perfumer François Demachy composed Vivara (the new one) described as a "more modern chypre", following an interesting trend aimed at renewing our visions of chypre fragrances while doing away with traditional oakmoss......

"its top notes include galbanum, Italian bergamot and an amaretto accord, combined with middle notes of jasmine, orange flower and narcissus flower, rounded out with base notes of Florentine iris, vetiver and Indonesian patchouli."

I see some common points here with another new chypre from Cacharel called Liberté, which I will review today.

"Created by Danish designer Helle Damkjaer, Vivara's oval-shaped bottle features a heavy pebble-shaped cap that features the wavy purple, yellow and blue Vivara print suspended inside. When the cap is removed, the bottle reveals a silver collar embossed with the name of the scent.

The Vivara collection will consist of eaux de parfum in two sizes, a 50-ml. for $85 and an 80-ml. for $110. There will also be a body cream and a body mousse, each 200 ml. for $80. Prices are for the U.S."

(Source: Women's Wear Daily) 

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  1. VIVA VIVARA ! the best fragrance launched last years. The old one is there.I adore it and can not wait the male version, Signor VIVARA. Viva PUCCI !

  2. Hi Roberto,

    Do you mean to say that you love the new version of Vivara?

  3. Hello Marie-Hélène
    Yes! I adore it.It is not the same fragrance of the original, but i can sniff the original VIVARA in it.It is a perfume that makes me back to the seventies ( what a very good decade) and very good memories. Although it is a female fragrance i wear it.Can i know your opinion about it ? All good to you.

  4. Hello Roberto,

    I am with you on this one. I adore it too, although I try to remain detached as it's best for describing scents.

    I think that there is a reminiscence of the original Vivara in the dry-down when it becomes lightly floral and woodsy at the same time.


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