Can Can Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton {New Fragrance}



Paris Hilton will launch a new fragrance in October of 2007, for which she has chosen to express her more can can side and it will appropriately be called Can Can Paris Hilton. This is her fourth women's fragrance after Paris Hilton, Just Me, and Heiress. We can at least readily credit her for finding a more memorable name for the perfume than say P or H or Paris Hilton III or Paris or Hilton or Paris Paris or Hilton Hilton.....anything with just her name or initial on it.

A full review of Paris Hilton Can Can is now available here


Thanks to Ambroxan for part of the info!

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  1. My gift to myself for the rest of my life is to skip any article, TV show, or radio mention of Paris Hilton. She is the life necessity equivalent of a Cheeze Doodle. Maybe less. I LIKE Cheeze Doodles.

  2. people love her fragrances! i have yet to "love" one, but they aren't bad, just not run-out-the-day-they-come-out-and-buy-it fragrances. but i have to admit i'm curious to see what this one is like.

  3. I actually like this one, never smelled the other ones though. I went in to buy another fragrance and they gave me the sample. I haven't opened the fragrance I bought, I've been wearing the samples. I can't wait till it comes out

    Shataedra FErguson
  4. I Love every fragrance Paris has? What Day dose Can Can come Out? I also Love Her Cd!

    Tiffany Watts
  5. I think it's already out in "fine department stores".

  6. I love my Paris (Parisa). And I'm going to buy all your fragrances.


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