Dior Midnight Poison, Carolina Herrera 212 Splash & 212 Splash Men {New Perfumes} {Shopping Tips}

Midnight Poison.jpg

The latest Dior creation, Midnight Poison, is making an early debut at Sephora. The bottle this time is a dark royal blue hue with sweeping folds to evoke Cinderella's ball gown as she escapes at midnight. Cinderella is played by actress Eva Green as previously reported.

Perfume is available between $45 and $82 at Sephora.com.......

The new Carolina Herrera 212 Splash & 212 Splash Men (respectively $52 and $54) are also available to cool you down during the dog days of summer: "...The freshness that we feel as we open a can of our favorite drink has been brought to life..."
212 Splash Men.jpg

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