New Wardrobe of Perfumes: Scent Systems: Rose, Jasmine, Wild Violet, Tuberose, Oeillet {New Fragrances}

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Scent Systems is a UK-based perfume brand that was founded in 2003 by Hiram Green. He, together with perfumer George Dodd, have now created what they like to term their first ready-to-wear wardrobe of scents, which is wholly dedicated to a floral theme. The Floral Collection comprises Rose, Jasmine, Wild Violet, Tuberose, and Oeillet (Carnation).....

Despite presenting themselves nominally as soliflore creations, these scents are more complex in reality. They are available only in parfum concentrations. The perfumes makes use of essential oils together with naturally derived raw materials,

"Our floral perfumes use new distillation methods that are much gentler than traditional methods. The result is a range of perfumes that are a synergy of intuitive perfume-making and advanced scent oil technology. They form the summit of technical perfumery."

You can find more information about the creations of perfumer George Dodd here

Reviews are forthcoming, stay tuned.

(Source: Scent Systems press release) 

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