News in Brief: 3 New Annick Goutal Perfumes For This Fall {New Perfumes}

Following a plural-launch pattern that is quite trendy this year although not radically new, Annick Goutal will release three new perfumes at once in September of 2007. Since the launch is still spoken of in a bit of a hush-hush manner, all we know for right now is that perfumer Isabelle Doyen together with Camille Goutal created three fragrances based respectively on amber, myrrh, and incense. Myrrh rhymes with cashmere.... and amber and incense too it suddenly seems.

(Source: Osmoz)  

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  1. SQUEAL!!!! I CANNOT WAIT! My most-worn perfume house with my favorite notes...*swoon*

    Thanks for the news, Marie-Helene...

  2. We'll go splitsies, Juvyskins....
    Man, I'm pretty excited myself.
    Thanks, Marie-Helene !


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