Floral Pétillant/Sparkling Floral, Floral Sensuel/Sensual Floral, Floral Exotique/Exotic Floral by Filles des Îles {New Fragrances}

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Anne and Alexis Hardouin-Finez the creators of the fragrance and brand, Dinner by Bobo, have launched a new line of perfumes called Filles des Iles (Island Girls), which is inspired this time, not by the bohemian chic trend but by tropical islands.....

The collection comprises three summery scents called Sparkling Floral, Sensual Floral, and Exotic Floral. Sparkling Floral and Exotic Floral were both composed by perfumer Anne Flipo and Sensual Floral by perfumer Marion Fabre.

Sparkling Floral is decribed as a refreshing, juicy, and alluring scent. It has Top Notes of Bergamot, orange, mandarine Middle Notes of Nashi, pear, may flower, plum tree flower Base Notes of Musk, almond, sandalwood. 

Exotic Floral "is an explosion of exotic jasmine, lily and tuberose that relax into a bed of musk and vanilla." It offers Top Notes of Bergamot, muguet, melon Middle Notes of Tuberose, jasmin, sun flower, orange flower Base Notes of Musk, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood. 

Sensual Floral is described as a warm, delicate, and sexy fragrance blending Top notes of Orange, mandarin Middle Notes of Gardenia, Magnolia, Ylang-ylang Base Notes of Musk, Vanilla.

A spray bottle of  50 ml eau de toilette retails for $48 online at Four Seasons (US) and 38 Euros at Galeries Lafayettes (France).

(Sources: Cosmétique Hebdo, Four Seasons) 

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