Rose by Paul Smith {New Fragrance}


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British fashion designer Paul Smith launched his latest perfume simply called Rose. The jus centers of a new rose breed that was specially and lovingly cultivated for him by his wife Pauline as a birthday present and baptized "Sir Paul Smith". The designer said,

Roses evoke the past so I wanted to reinvent the rose from the start......

Sir Paul Smith Rose.jpg

The fragrance was composed by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu who used a new technology dubbed ScentTrek to capture the natural scent of the Sir Paul Smith Rose (seen in picture) and then blended it with Turkish rose oil, green tea, violet, magnolia, cedar, and soft musks.

Smith confided to Vogue, "It was all done in a highly technological way. But really, I do think too many perfumes are produced too quickly under one label these days.".

"It means the finesse and overall quality of the product isn't as good as it should be. It's important not to compromise."

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  1. there is indeed a lot of "compromising" going on in perfumery as well as other artforms. music...

    i think money (or greed, if you may) has really broken the integrity of human beings.


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