Trésor Concreta, Trésor Elixir by Lancôme {New Perfume}



Lancôme has launched a variation on the modern classic Trésor originally created by Sophia Grojsman, which is called Trésor Elixir. It is described as being both sweeter and more full-bodied with woodsy accents that are almost leather-like, together with a balmier trail (honey rose, vanilla absolute, heliotrope, sandalwood)......

The flacon offers a retro-glamour style with its spray bulb. These bulbs look great but are not the best options for keeping your perfume safely sealed as the jus is, however minimally, made to be in contact with ambient air.

The brand also offers a concreta of the original perfume, I believe, in a container made out of crystal from Swarowski.

Concreta 0.04 oz., €67; Elixir 1.7 fl. oz., €89.

(Source: Osmoz) 

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