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Duo of authors Luigi Cristiano and Gianni De Martino have written a book entitled Viaggi e Profumi (Urra, 2007) (Travels and Perfumes). It is a descriptive and sensualist travelogue through space and even time in quest of iconic natural essences produced in specific world-renowned locales. Gianni De Martino is a writer and journalist from Milan who has written another book about the fifth sense entitled Odori: entrate in contato con il quinto senso......

Luigi Cristiano is a herbalist and perfumer who works between Marrakech and Milan. He has written a book entitled La nota gradevole. Storia naturale del profumo (Studio Edizioni, Milano 2001).

The new book is described as a contribution to a geography of perfumes with the addition of two chapters on the perfumes of the Bible and the balms of Ancient Pompeïa that constitute travels through time, to the very origins of perfumery and its history. The authors travels take them from the humid forest of Mexico in which vanilla grows to the quasi desert of the valley of Dade in Morocco and from the Mediterranean scrubland to Istanbul.

Table of contents include:

1. Marocco - La rosa del Dade's
2. Marocco - L'olio di argania
3. Marocco - Gli incensi della notte Ghnaua
4. Spagna - Aromi e profumi di Siviglia
5. Turchia - La rosa damascena
6. Italia - Muschi e licheni del Vesuvio
7. Italia - Profumi e unguenti della Pompei antica
8. Italia - Il gelsomino di Sicilia
9. Israele - Profumi e balsami della Bibbia
10. Messico - La vaniglia di Papantla
11. Polinesia - ylang-ylang, tiare' e frangipani 

The book can be purchased for 12 Euros at Urra

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  1. Do you know of anyone who may have translated the two chapters about perfumes of the Bible?


    Paul Kiler
  2. Not off the top of my head. You remind me that I should purchase this book.

    Thank you. I can report back eventually.


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