Christina Aguilera by Christina Aguilera (2007) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

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Singer Christina Aguilera had already previously released an eponymous fragrance with a retro flair in which she was dressed in an emerald-colored dress looking very much like her model, Marylin Monroe. A new perfume also called Christina Aguilera will launch in October of 2007, which explores the pin-up theme anew and seems inspired by the sexy dress with black lace made by Marcel Rochas for Mae West, which appeared on the Femme packaging afterwards.

Christina Aguilera explains that for her jasmine is a symbol associated with old-style Hollywood glamor and so she wanted this note in her perfume from the very beginning...... 

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The blackcurrant note is inspired by her honeymoon in Bali as it fruity-liquorish-y aroma is linked with happy memories of sitting on a veranda at sunset in the cool sipping cocktails.

Top notes are like an exotic fruity sorbet with notes of mandarin and intense blackcurrant. Heart notes are peony, stephanotis, jasmine, and plum. Base notes are amber, vanilla, and musk.

Christina Aguilera Eau de Parfum
50 ml ca. 33,00 Euro*
30 ml ca. 24,00 Euro*
15 ml ca. 16,00 Euro*

Body Lotion, 200 ml ca. 15,00 Euro*
Shower Gel, 200 ml ca. 14,00 Euro*

Deodorant Aerosol, 150 ml ca. 12,00 Euro*


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  1. I don't know about the jus....(Blackcurrant just doesn't add up to the old hollywood glamour image I guess and jasmine? most everything contains jasmine anyway, so it's not like her request is that special). But the bottle is breathtaking in its old-fashioned, sexy glory. Thanks for posting!

  2. Yes, I like the color palette too and this little red dot detail where the spray is looks great.

    I think that she meant it in a subjective way. Otherwise, yes, it would not mean much since jasmine is in so many perfumes. Having said that, it can be more or less prominent. I'm doing a little review of Molinard Jasmin today by the way.

  3. Good point and off to read your Molinard review then!

  4. Oh my! I absolutely love the bottle--very retro, and the black lace design adds femininity. With the mandarin, amber and plum notes...sounds interesting-- CANNOT WAIT!! :-)

  5. OMG_the bottle is soo cool it just looks soo...fancy! Can't wait till I get it! (i havn't smelt it yet though :-))
    OMG! that bottle looks lurvely, this perfume is gonna b my no 1 crimbo prezzie! That lace- really gives it the retro look! We love you C A!
    luv yaz, xxxtt &

    Tt n Lana
  6. does anyone know where these will be available in the US? It has actually not arrived yet in I look forward to checking this out!

  7. Oh my, it's lovely. I bought mine today, and I love it! The bottle, the perfume, everything.

    Bought in Norway, 30. okt.
    - Sommerku.

  8. beautiful bottle and beautiful perfume!


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