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Lisa Hoffman, the wife of actor Dustin Hoffman, will launch a collection of scents this fall in November called the Variations Collection. She already has a skin care line. Each scent has four incarnations of it to correspond to four different periods of olfactory sensitivity during the day and night,

"I always have a favorite fragrance — whether it's for a week, three months, or several years. But I was frustrated that certain fragrances were great in the evening, but overwhelming in the morning," said Hoffman, who added that she's always wanted to wear a little fragrance to bed, but found most to be too strong. "I wanted to create a fragrance with several variants based on the way you live your life." .......

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The line will initially comprise French Clary Sage, Tunisian Neroli, and Tuscan Fig, followed next spring by Madagascar Orchid and Japanese Agarwood. The oil-based perfumes with 15 % concentration of pure oils were developed by Ellen Molner of Givaudan. The leather pouches matching the scents were designed by Mark Rosen.

"French Clary Sage, a blend of linen and cotton accords combined with Sicilian bergamot and French clary sage; Tunisian Neroli, which combines French ylang-ylang, French golden amber, Italian lemon, South African buchu leaf and Tunisian neroli, and Tuscan Fig, which has notes of amber, wood, musk, French jasmine, honeysuckle, osmanthus, Madagascar vanilla bean and gardenia, Tahitian tiare flower and tuscan fig. Within the collection, there are four versions of the scent designed for morning, daytime, evening and bedtime, said Hoffman." Pamela Valle, a consultant for the novel project said,

"The nose is more sensitive in the morning and tends to like fresher, cleaner citrus notes, while olfactory senses are at their peak during the day," said Vaile. "The nose fatigues in the evening, so we used deeper, richer and more concentrated notes. The bedtime scent is just a nod to the scent because the nose is at rest."

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