Amethyst Fatale by Oriflame {New Perfume}

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According to Cosmetics Design, the Sweden-based brand Oriflame launched a new perfume called Amethyst Fatale in its Gem Collection (it sounds like a twin concept of the one developed by Olivier Durbano who also has a fragrance called Amethyst; Lalique also is launching a scent called Amethyst this fall... oh my!)). Purple and fuschia colors are back in vogue this fall in fashion, makeup, and perfumes and the new Amethyst seems to fit nicely in this trend. A second trend in which it fits is that it is an iris fragrance inspired by the purple gem.

Oriflame says that they want to promote a perfumery for connoisseurs rather than for fans (it's a dig at celebrity fragrances).....

"A key trend in the fragrance market is the rise of signature fragrances and Gem Collection is tapping into that trend," said a spokesperson for Oriflame .

In the case of Amethyst Fatale, the signatory is the creator of the perfume, the well known "nose" Jean Jacques. [....]
"Consumers are becoming more aware of the complexity of perfumery and so educated consumers are likely to be drawn to fragrances that are endorsed by experts rather than celebrities," said Briony Davies from Euromonitor.

Perfumer Jean Jacques attempted to translate the Amethyst gemstone into a scent whilst being guided by the image of the femme fatale whose arresting beauty and gaze makes you dive into "an unexpected world of passion and danger". To complete this task, Jean Jacques used the iris.

"I could imagine in the elegant odour of the iris: powdery, soft and caressing, all of which echo the amethyst," said Jacques.
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  1. It's strange the "interpretation" of trends. Somewhere, I think in beyond beauty mag, I read the amethyst idea... but I never thought that it will be put in perfumes so a copy paste idea. Jean Jacques is a very talented (and funny) perfumer. I like what he did. Is Oriflame available in France... or should I go back to Romania or Sweden for the fragrance.

  2. Would be interesting to know when they announced this trend? I mean this is how they work in the fashion world, they decide of trends and colors in advance.

    France is not listed on their site. Romania might be and Sweden, yes. They have an extensive list of countries there, but which are not, say, "central markets".


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