Crave Control, Endurance Enhancer, & Bliss Booster by Scentology {New Perfumes}



Scentology is a new perfume brand or more exactly an aromachological brand that launched in March of 2007. The line includes three self-help perfumes called Crave Control, Endurance Enhancer, and Bliss Booster which are packaged in long test tubes to underline the scientific bases for their formulas. Its founder is Dr. Rachel Herz who is presented as a specialist of the psychology of smell.......

Crave Control includes vanilla, Endurance Enhancer has mint, and Bliss Booster is a citrus formula.

Crave Control is reported to be "A time-released, purely delectable scent cue scientifically demonstrated to curb cravings for carbs (including chocolate, cake, and desserts) to help promote weight loss."

Endurance Enhancer is "A time-released, fully invigorating, fresh scent cue scientifically demonstrated to increase physical energy and performance. Can be used to gain a competitive edge in athletics, or optimize your performance in the workplace."

Bliss Booster is described as "A time-released, smile enhancing, citrus scent cue scientifically demonstrated to increase happiness and feelings of well-being. Can be used to improve mood or to decrease feelings of unhappiness."

You can read an interview with Rachel Herz here.

Each perfume retails for $24.99 

(Sources: Scentology, In-Cosmetics)

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