Dior Midnight Poison Extrait de Parfum {New Perfume} Too Many Chocolates, Too Many Perfumes {Scented Thoughts}

Midnight Poison Dior Parfum Extrait.jpg

As advertised, each bottle of Dior Midnight Poison is said to be unique, reflecting the demanding haute-couture spirit that presided over its creation.

Here is a picture of the slightly more tantalizing bottle for the extrait or pure parfum. I cursorily reviewed Midnight Poison mostly under the heading of it being a smell-alike. I should probably just smell it on its own to be both fair and realistic given the context of hyper-production of scents these days. This year is significantly more frenzied than last year. Could this get even more feverish next year? I'm afraid to ask lest the deities have major plans for the exponential development of the perfume industry in the years to come.

I am somehow reminded of the episode of I Love Lucy at the chocolate factory where she has to frantically hurry more and more to try to wrap, then eat, then stuff her clothes with all the chocolates passing in front of her on the conveyor belt. Just put perfume bottles instead and do a remake of that scene. Enlightenment guaranteed!

Perfumes are becoming more and more of a zapping activity.

Why do we zap? That is the question. Because the program is shallow and bad? Because you are afraid you are going to miss a good program? Greed? Because it gives a false sense of freedom and choice? Because you are bored and hopeful? I'm sure I'll have occasion to return to the topic. Meanwhile......

Lucy Chocolate Factory.jpg

According to Marionnaud, the extrait offers different nuances in the heart and base notes thanks to the addition of "noble and precious raw materials" that enrich it. To the heart notes was added an absolute of rose that underlines the honeyed and liquorish-y facets of the flower. Tonka bean was added to prolong the note of absolute of Bourbon vanilla and labdanum comes to the rescue to bring a more carnal texture to the amber-y facet of the perfume.

A 7.5 ml bottle retails for 85 Euros on Marionnaud.fr. It is not available at Sephora in the US, so you can put this on your perfume shopping/sniffing list if you are going to Paris or France.

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