Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui {New Perfume}

annasui_Flight of Fancy.jpg
Anna Sui has launched a new perfume called Flight of Fancy. Information is not currently available on their website but it is already sold on eBay in Europe and the picture of the flacon is courtesy of photographer and cinematographer Oliver Maier who directed the ad shots.

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  1. ive been trying for the longest to smell this anna sui flight perfume, but no one sells it around here.

  2. You can find minis on eBay as well as full bottles from sellers based in Asia. I've ordered from a Hong-Kong based seller in the past and there were no problems as to the authenticity of the scent.

  3. please could i request a sample of the new perfume -anna sui flight of fancy?

  4. We don't distribute samples, sorry.


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