Limited Edition La Part des Anges by Thierry Mugler {New Perfume}

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Parfums Thierry Mugler these days seem to have become specialized in extra creative and luxurious editions of rare perfumes. After the coffret inspired by the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, they are issuing for the holidays a sumptuously aged version of Angel thanks to techniques used by Cognac makers. If this sounds more like an experiment than a trademarked technique in perfumery, it seems to have come out beautifully.

From mid-October 2007, this very special limited edition of Angel will be made available in select retail points; it is called La Part des Anges.......

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Its name literally means "the angels' share" a poetic expression traditionally used by oenologists to refer to the volume of alcohol that evaporates progressively when it is put in a casket to age as if angels drank the part that disappears into thin air overtime. The origin of the expression can be traced to the alchemists of the past who used to call volatile substances "angels".

Thierry Mugler, in association with the cognacs Rémy Martin, has put Angel to age for 23 weeks in wooden caskets in their cognac storehouses (chais). The result is reported to be a more honeyed and woodsy version of Angel.

There will be 300 flacons available for sale in France and 4742 worldwide. The flacon is decorated with Swarovski crystals.

A ring dubbed "Rêve de parure et sa concrète de parfum - intimement Angel" with a top that opens and which contains a concreta of the classic Angel perfume will be also available. The size of the ring is adaptable.

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  1. I LOVE Angel, but I tried this and hated it so much I had to take a shower to get the smell off. It had a strong melon note which made it cloyingly sweet. YUCK

    • Rebecca,

      I have a sample of La Part des Anges which still needs testing.

      I did not expect to find a melon note in it, but will keep your remark in mind.

      It is interesting to see an Angel fan recoil at LPDA as one would have assumed the latter would come across as even more decadent :)

      Chant Wagner

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