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British culture, which is reputed for being very keen on the Royals, and perhaps by extension, is also particularly appreciative of celebrity perfumes, is creating out of enthusiasm and single-handedly a sub-category of celebs' fragrances, the WAG's (Wives And Girlfriends) celebrity perfumes already represented by Victoria Beckham, Coleen McLoughlin and now Alex Curran, the wife of Liverpool and England footballer Steven Gerrard. 

Alex Curran said,..... 

“I’m really proud of my perfume and think all the ingredients together make a lovely combination. I wanted a perfume that you can put on in the morning and still smell by the end of the day, and I think the mix of the crisp citrus and the long-lasting musks does just that. I love the packaging of the fragrance – the pink is really feminine and the black adds a glamorous, dramatic look. Steven loves the perfume and is really proud of me – I think he’s gutted that I beat him to it – he quite fancied having his own aftershave range! ” (Response Source)

You can read another interview of her today in the Liverpool Echo,

“I told them what type of perfumes I like, like Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood and Coco Mademoiselle, and the smells I like. I usually go for quite powdery perfumes and I love vanilla. I’ve always got vanilla candles in the house. They came back with a selection of different ones and I chose from those.”


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