Andy Tauer Journey Bottle: The Mechanic Visits Harvard University {Scented Image} {Fragrance News}


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Andy Tauer is sending around a bottle of perfume, the Journey Bottle, inspired by the image of a mechanic carrying hyacinths. The Mechanic arrived in Massachusetts and in the latest news toured the grounds of America's oldest university...




Andy Tauer John Harvard.jpg

The meeting with John Harvard was unexpected but the Mechanic says he enjoyed having tea with him and asked to have his picture taken with the great man. He loved the ritual of rubbing John Harvard's left shoe for good luck and thought that it was "exotic". He already feels luckier just to have shared a scone with him. He was a bit disappointed however to learn that John Harvard is not a perfume guy. But the Mechanic does not hold any grudges against people who are insensitive to perfume - John Harvard in particular - and added that he loves fall in New England and wished he could bring some of the crisp air along with him.


(Photos ©The Scented Salamander)

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  1. How lovely! I'm sure the meeting was a historic one. When can we expect your own thoughts on our traveller mechanic fellow seeing as esteemed Mr. Harvard isn't much of a perfumista?

  2. Dusan,


  3. Mechanic and John Harvard together - are looked perfectly!:) a magnificent photo.

  4. Vladimir,

    A little bit surrealistic, no? We hesitated between John Harvard's statue and Samuel Adams' tomb, say, and the skinny house in Boston and went for what was closest to home. This idea is inspired by the gnome idea in the movie Amélie Poulain.

    I saw quickly the other day that you were proposing that I send you the bottle to Siberia. I think that Andy loves the idea that his perfume travels quite a bit around and the person I was thinking of for Beijing is traveling right now within China so if you think it's safe to send it to Siberia, that would be a great! Please send me your address by email. I could also send it to Dusan first in Serbia and he could send it to you afterwards. Are you game? If you take pictures next to a sight in your locality, that would be great!

  5. Dear Marie-Helene, excuse my delay with the answer. Problems of a network.
    Perhaps, but I find a lot of charming and a lot of humour in Surrealism. And I adore this style. And your idea, seemed to me very correct and it is good, that John Harvard's statue near to your house:)

    I find Andy's idea with travelling a bottle , - delightful, But this idea - also " A little bit surrealistic, no? ":) it seems to Me, That Siberia, should become a terminal point of this travel. I am not assured of good work of our mail and I do not want, that many people had no opportunity of acquaintance to the mechanic. Andy and I already had such precedent.
    Yes, certainly, I play also I think, that I shall find a place for a photo too.
    Warmest regards

  6. Dear Vladimir,

    I will inquire at my post office. I am not sure... actually, I am quite certain I won't be able to control where it goes once it leaves my hands so it's easier to send it off to you.


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