888 by Comme de Garçons (2008) {New Perfume}

Alaskan Gold Nugget Tokositna.jpg
Alaskan Gold Nugget by Tokositna 

Comme des Garçons will launch a new fragrance in March of 2008 called 888, a lucky number. The composition was inspired by the initial question of knowing whether gold has a smell and then the idea of finding an olfactory equivalent of it.......

A molecule derived from saffron called Safraline was elected and showcased in a creation by perfumer Antoine Lie of Givaudan.

The perfume incorporates Safraline together with "pepperwood, curcuma, coriander and geranium. Amber was added for a touch of colour, together with incense and patchouli."

The 50 ml edp will retail for 52 £.

(Source: Cosmetics International)

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  1. I am very happy to hear that news because it seems that I have flair in "sniffing" trends. Last year at ISIPCA I did a very small project based both on gold (the smell of the grail) and saffron. I didn't finish it because I lacked than some saffron molecules. And this year in may I did a perfume for a romanian designer with gold inside (like in cosmetics). I can only say ... wow, it's a good news to have felt the trend 1 year before. :)
    I am really curios about 888!

    Octavian Coifan

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