Jubilation 25 for Women & Jubilation XXV for Men by Amouage {New Fragrances}

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Amouage just celebrated its 25th anniversary in Muscat on the 1st November of 2007 reportedly after more than a year of preparation to stress the importance of the event, by launching a new duo of perfumes for women and men respectively called Jubilation 25 for Women and Jubilation XXV for Men. They have also taken this opportunity to set up a new e-commerce website.........

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The celebration is said to mark an artistic turning point for the Oman and England-based perfume house, which is inaugurating a new vision for its creations. Its collection will be from now on inspired by Arabian storytelling as well as informed by the personal experience of its artistic director Christopher Chong, a classical opera singer by training. The duo of Jubilation perfumes marks a jubilee and wants to express "...the nocturnal beauty and mystical power of the moon, a key motif in the inspiration behind Jubilation,"

The aria "Song to the Moon" from Anton Dvorak's opera Rusalka is the musical illustration of this theme.

Jubilation XXV for Men is said to open on a frankincense accord. The heart unfolds on notes of rose, orchid, smoky guaiac wood. The base is enriched with notes of musk, myrrh,  cedarwood, ambergris, patchouli, and immortelle.

Jubilation 25 for Women has top notes of rose, ylang-ylang, and frankincense. It further features notes of amber, musk, vetiver, myrrh, and patchouli.

You can read an interview with Amouage's artistic director Christopher Chong here

You can visit the new website here

(via Amouage) 

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  1. I have a high regard for Amouage and it seems Christopher Chong is bringing forth a higher visibility for the brand. Looking at the notes for both scents, it seems that they could both be unisex fragrances, unless the womens version (as I am eyeing the ylang-ylang in the top notes with a bit of fear) has a composition where the top notes extends itself through the whole fragrance right down to the base, like from what I've experienced with some Arabic perfumes. I don't recall much of that from Western compositions.

    I'm sure both scents will have his twist to add that unexpected character as from what I've read in the interview in your blog previously posted.


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