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Natural perfumer Anya McCoy of Anya's Garden has released two new perfumes called Kaffir and Temple. These perfumes are said to be two variations on the use of different types of citruses and agar woods,

"The perfumes feature new-to-the-market citruses, paired in unexpected ways. Kaffir lime peel - also known as Thai Lime Leaf found in S.E. Asian cuisine -  sparkles in the top notes of the eponymous scent.  Distilled orange juice brings a refreshing opening to the spicy, dark and luxurious Temple. 

Two very different agarwoods were used to anchor the citruses. The agarwood for Kaffir is light, golden and spicy with hints of leather and freshy-sawn wood. Temple's agarwood is a blend of Laotian and Vietnamese dark, deep, hypnotic Ouds, a specialty grade of agarwood.".......

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"Tropical flirty fun - Kaffir radiates good vibes of sexy playfulness, and stimulates the wearer to explore their own version of intrigue and romance -- and keep it going for hours with the surprising leather drydown. Complex accord of eight jasmines and heritage oak weave sensuously. Pure tropical foodie pleasure with an incredible lemon/lime twist.

Top notes: Kaffir Thai lime leaf, galbanum, French and Tropical tarragon accord

Middle notes: tinctures of eight jasmines, heritage oak extract, Grasse jasmine

Base notes: sustainable golden agarwood, musk seed, leather accord

Temple; the rays of hope and focus empower and the steady verdant earth beneath the feet gives faith that the path may be sturdy and firm. Find strength in yourself, be your own Temple.

Top notes: distilled orange juice, borneol crystals

Middle notes: aglaia flower, cassia, Ayurvedic herbs and spices

Base notes: sustainable Laotian and Vietnamese Oud agarwood, earth tincture


Note: samples of Temple will not be sold, due to limited amount of the perfume produced. If the notes appeal to you, or if you feel a soothing perfume might help as a healing balm, then purchase it for that purpose. It is not a frivolous perfume, it is meant to reach deep inside and soothe.


For the Survivors: Special offer for Temple Perfume

Blended along both Ayurvedic and Buddhist systems, Temple is a limited-edition perfume that is specially made for all of the survivors of the many physical disasters that have wrecked communities in the USA. It is hoped it will give courage in the face of post-traumatic stress syndrome that affects the survivors - I know, because I, the perfumer, am one of them. I have lived in Florida since 1985 and my first hurricane was Elena in Tampa, and the last - hopefully for some time - was Wilma, from which Floridians are still trying to recover. Temple is also being offered to anyone who has been the victim of domestic abuse, poor health or other challenges that have caused trauma and ongoing stress.

The first 100 readers that write me at http://anyasgarden.com/temple.htm will receive a sample for free. Fifty percent of the profits from Temple will be donated to various charities that assist people and animals via their rescue efforts. The offer will end when all of the samples have have been claimed. 

Perfumes and samples are available on the Boutique page, where you will also find beautiful, luxurious raw natural essences such as Lavender Seville, Rose de Mai from Grasse and others from my private collection on sale.

Through December 1st, type in the world natural in the voucher at checkout, and receive 10% off all purchases.

(Source: Anya's Garden press release) 

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  1. What a generous offer by Anya! I can't wait to sample Temple. The notes for Kaffir sound very intriguing as well.


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