Le Parfum by MaxMara {New Fragrance}



MaxMara is announcing their "biggest launch ever" with a creation simply titled Le Parfum. It is bound to interest musk fragrances aficionados in particular as it is described as being composed of 60% of musks, using five different types of these. It is also slightly transgressive gender-wise as it takes a traditional masculine note, nutmeg, and offers a feminine rendition of it. The brand explains that "MaxMara was made famous by using top stitching, traditionally used for men’s tailoring, and putting it on garments for women"......

Le Parfum was composed by Vincent Schaller.

"The key nutmeg ingredient is also joined by mirabelle plum and floral notes including Moroccan rose essence, jasmine essence and tiaré flower, while woody elements include sandalwood and lime tree."

The flacon was designed by Thierry de Bashcmakoff and suggests a feminine silhouette. The ad is fronted by model Amy Wesson.

"The EdP is available in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml versions (priced €45-€85), the largest coming with a stand to keep the bottle upright, and is accompanied by a four-sku bath line."

(Source: Cosmetic News)

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