Numéro 001, Numéro 002 in F/P Homme by Fruits & Passion {New Colognes} {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}


Fruits & Passion, a fine perfume and body-care line originating from Canada and now implanted at the international level through its franchised network, has released two new perfumes for men called Numéro 001 and Numéro 002 in its F/P Homme collection.

Numéro 001 is green, fresh, aromatic and is dedicated to the adventurous man. It is described as being easy to wear and embodying some of his typical traits such as being natural, full of energy, and young at heart......

Numéro 001.jpg



Numéro 002 is woody, amber-y and sophisticated, targeting the urban man. Its amber-y and woody notes are said to confer it more presence. It would ideally suit a man who defines himself as being urbane, always on the lookout for trends and new things, sensual but discreet.

Numéro 002.jpg

Each 30 ml Eau de Toilette retails for  24,50 € in France and $20 or $45 in Canada and the US.

Ancillary products are also available. Fruits et Passion have several collections for women too.
They have several brick-and-mortar locations in the US including this one in Natick, MA:
Natick Collection - NOW OPEN!
1245 Worcester Street
Natick, Massachusetts
United States
T. (508) 655-4355

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