Rituel de Kyoto, Rituel de l'Atlas, Rituel du Siam, Rituel de Java, Rituel de Bengalore in Pluie d'Arômes by Cinq Mondes {New Perfumes}

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Perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jean-Pierre Béthouart have united their efforts to create five new Eaux de Toilette in a collection called Pluie d'Arômes by spa brand Cinq Mondes. It is an extension of a pre-existing line of candles and shower oils. Olivia Giacobetti had previously already created and Eau Egyptienne for Cinq Mondes.

Each scent is associated with a color and a psychological state of mind, a little bit in the vein of the Kenzo palette of perfumes issued this fall that associates color and scent although this time color is not so much conceptualized as a direct source of creative inspiration for the perfumers, as aiming to have the perfume wearer "click" with the color and capture a different type of energizing message each time........

Each perfume is also associated with one of the five elements.

For example, if you like green and rose and ginger, then Rituel de Kyoto purports to pass on to you a feeling of renewal and the wish to overcome your limits. It is associated with the wood element.

Rituel de Bengalore with its deep blue color aims to create in you an internal sense of peace associated with the comforting aromas of vanilla and cardamom. It is associated with the water element.

If you are attracted to red these days and to the scents of orange blossom and leaves then it means that you have a need for a type of energy that is about plenitude, vitality, force and which is associated with the fire element. Your answer is Rituel de L'Atlas.

The two remaining scents are Rituel du Siam and Rituel de Java.

You can read more about the scent-color-mood-energy-needs associations here as well as take a look at the wheel representing this system.

Each 50 ml eau de toilette will retail for 49€. 

(Sources: Beauté-Addict, Cinq Mondes) 

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