Bois Contre Soi by Senke (2007) {New Fragrance & House}


Senke is a brand new cosmetics and perfume brand founded by Priska Sarraméa, a beauty industry veteran who has worked for Gucci, Carolina Herrera, and Escada in the past. Senke is inspired by the ethical preoccupations derived from the ecological issues we all face at the dawn of the 21st century. More specifically the organic cosmetics and perfume line is based on research on the natural properties of trees; their products are eco-certified.

Bois Contre Soi (Wood Against Self) is an eau de parfum translating the philosophy of the house and is described as "An original organic creation, a unique composition, a name with a French touch".......

The fragrance was composed by a young perfumer called Vincent Ricord from Expressions Parfumées. Priska Sarraméa said that it was the first time she had been working with a talent-to-be rather than a famous perfumer and that he had "really impressed" her adding that he is "totally talented".

The perfume is based on "fine, pure woods and milky caresses darkened by a veil of Bulgarian rose and magnolia."

According to the press release, the note description is: 

"Initial fragrance : an explosion of radiant scents (Italian Bergamot and Seville Orange), which are given life by vibrant and precious notes (fresh Ginger, a hint of Incense...).

Middle note : a feminine and sensuous veil of Magnolia and Rose Bulgare, which blossoms out thanks to the warmth of Cardamon and Acacia tree…

The base is made up of mysterious and tender notes of Amyris Sandlewood with milky accents, and a gentle harmony of Rosewood and Guaiac sublimate the perfume and leave behind an unforgettable, misty trace..."

Senke also offer a Fresh Body Water with extracts of Bamboo, Panama, and Guarana delicately scented with Bois Contre Soi. Ditto with their Fine Body Oil composed with extracts of Baobab, Kukui, and Black Alder.

A 50 ml eau de parfum retails for 69 € = $ 99.50 at Mademoiselle Bio a site specializing in bio cosmetics and the only place you can buy it from at the moment. Distribution is scheduled to be widened at the beginning of 2008.

Judging from the comments left by two French consumers, the scent is subtly woody, delicate, tenacious, and original.

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